lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

The Watery Hill Boys

This amazing group, based on "Old Time Country" and "Early Bluegrass music" is one of the things that makes Ireland different.

Live music, the old fashioned sounds and friendly people, creates an atmosphere that awakes some deep feelings that everyone have inside.
Our great friend Neil, is one of the components of this group and he is following his way of life playing music and living in the countryside.

I would like you to hear their music and try to translate yourself to another epoch, feel the dust in the air, the flavour of a beer or a triple X whisky, and so on...

Translate yourself to the beginning with "The Watery Hill Boys".

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  1. me recuerdan mucho a un disco que tenía de los notting hillbillies. Por cierto escuché en el programa de americana music de radio 3 de donde viene el término bluegrass, busca por ahí que es bonito.